Una Vida Vívela.

We only get one shot at life on this planet, so why just let life happen and stay alive when you can live it?

That’s the basic premise of what’s become my signature Spanish catch phrase; it’s about taking the bull (no pun intended) by the horns, going out there and actually doing those things I really want to do, going to the places I want to go to and experiencing what life has to offer instead of being bound by societal pressures of what one “should” do.

What better way to live than to travel? I’m constantly learning from good and bad experiences, the people I meet along the way and the return to home too. I’ve barely even scraped the surface of travelling but, already, my outlook is so much broader and I know much more about myself than I ever would have, had I stayed at home. Imagining how much more I’ll have learnt in a few years time makes me all the more eager to keep going because, frankly, there’s a whole world out there…

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