Mundial Mania!

Sunday 27th June, 15.00- Argentina Vs Mexico in the World Cup.

The first match starring red carpet -worthy (in football showbiz) team, Argentina, since my arrival in this fascinating Latin American country; what better excuse to undergo a quick conversion to a football fan?

Grabbing my bag, shoes and camera I was disappointed to learn that women were best to avoid the rowdy Argentine men in the local bars- or so my host Mum assured me. So we watched the match on TV in the cosy setting of a traditional house heated by log fire, local Quilmes beer in hand. The match was gripping, though I found myself watching my host and her passion-fuelled reactions more than the game itself! Several shouts of “vamos chicos” , “puta madre” and three celebratory embraces later, we headed outside.

I almost didn´t recognise the place; the small town of Unquillo  that was so tranquil in its hibernation mode that very morning, had now exploded with the Argentine colours of the sky  and an orchestra of voices, horns and drums filled the crisp air. The celebrations gathered pace as cars whizzed by flashing lights, trucks carried fanatics sporting the Argentine strip and crowds of locals paraded the streets singing, drinking and blowing vuvezleas. In true carnival style, youths  danced in the street, forcing passing cars to join in with the celebrations and toasted the victory with Cordoba´s typical poison of Fernet and coke, while blue and white adorned the faces of adults, children and babies.

Not one person escaped the wave of euphoria, even passing buses showed their enthusiasm by beeping horns, and carrying fans on the steps of their vehicles. The epitomy of “right place, right time”, I felt priviledged to witness this heart-warming gathering of fans; united by their love of the beautiful game, but more importantly by the pride of their country.

Here´s to another glorious victory for the blue and white team against Germany, and the opposition in the finals. Vamos chicos, Vamos Argentina!

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